Consumer Compliance Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2011

2011 Outlook Live Webinars

The Federal Reserve System regularly conducts Outlook Live webinars on consumer compliance topics. All webinars are free of charge. The table below lists the 2011 archived presentations. You can view the webinars and download the presentation slides on the Outlook Live archive page.

Date Webinar Description
12/15/11 Consumer Compliance Hot Topics Discussion of significant 2011 compliance changes and a preview of changes expected in 2012.
11/02/11 Fair Lending Issues and Hot Topics Discussion of several fair lending topics, including the activities of the Interagency Non-Discrimination Working Group of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force.
10/04/11 Real Estate Owned (REO) Disposition Risks and CRA Opportunities Discussion of financial, reputational, legal, and compliance risks associated with REO properties and potential CRA opportunities from alternative uses of these properties.
05/26/11 Proposed Ability to Repay Standards for Mortgage Loans Discussion of the proposed final rule under Regulation Z to require creditors to determine a consumer's ability to repay a mortgage loan before making the loan.
04/06/11 CRA and HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program Discussion of new CRA opportunities under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.
03/17/11 Loan Originator Compensation Discussion of new regulatory requirements for loan originator compensation.
02/16/11 Risk-Based Pricing (RBP) Notices Discussion of the new regulatory requirements for the RBP notices.